Reinforced Concrete Structures

Here we will be posting various books and materials related to Reinforced Concrete Structures you can download them in pdf format and get best use of it.

1.Advanced Concrete Technology Testing and Quality by John Newman and Ban Seng Choo

2.Advanced Concrete Technology Constituent Materials by John Newman

3.Advanced Concrete Technology by Zongjin Li

4.Prestressed Concrete Design by M.K.Hurst

5.Prestressed Concrete by N Krishna Raju – McGraw Hill Companies – 4th Edition

6.Reinforced Concrete Design of Tall Buildings by Bungale S Taranath

7.Reinforced Concrete Design by W.H.Mosley and J.H.Bungey

8.Reinforced Concrete Design by S Unnikrishna Pillai & Devdas Menon


10.Reinforced Concrete Design Theory and Examples by T.J.MACGINLEY and B.S.CHOO

11.Reinforced Concrete Designers Handbook by Charles E.Reynolds and James C.Steedman


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