Water Resource Engineering

Here we will be posting various books and materials related to Water Resource Engineering you can download them in pdf format and get best use of it.

1.Water Resources Systems Planning and Management by S.K.Jain and V.P.Singh

2.Water Resources and Water Management by Milan K Jermar.

3.Water Resources and Development by Clive Agnew and Philip Woodhouse.

4.Water Supply and Health by H. van Lelyveld and B.C.J. Zoeteman.

5.Waste Water Collection Systems Management by Water Environment Federation.

6.Waste Treatment and Disposal by Paul T Williams

7.Water Supply and Sewerage by E.W.Steel and Terence J. McGhee

8.Water Supply by Alan C Twort, Don D Ratnayaka and Malcolm J Brandt

9.Water, Sanitary and Waste Services for Buildings by A.F.E Wise and J.A.


10.Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Infrastructure Management by


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